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Minjungbal Museum


Minjungbal Museum Experiences

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Museum and Cultural Centre



Walk on Water Boardwalk and Bora Ring

This 1km loop walk invites you to walk through stunning mangrove bushland to experience the Aboriginal cultural heritage that makes our site so special. An easy 30-40 minute walk starting at the Museum, you’ll follow a wheelchair-accessible boardwalk and track through eucalypt forest, woodland and swamp forest before emerging among the diverse mangrove communities beside the Tweed River. Interpretive signage will guide your journey as you pass plants and animals while learning about Minjungbal culture and local bush tucker. You’ll pass the Bora Ring, a sacred site traditionally used by many tribes for mens’ initiation ceremonies. Today, it continues to be an important place for Minjungbal people, providing a spiritual ancestral link. Learn about Aunty Margaret Kay, whose hard work helped to maintain the Bora Ring. This walk also offers fantastic bird watching opportunities, so keep your binoculars handy as you look for shorebirds and waders like the Greater Egret and Royal Spoonbill.

Cultural Performances

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Guided Tours

Join our local Minjungbal guides to learn about Aboriginal life when this area was an untouched paradise of natural forest and mangroves. We’ll walk together through the museum and onto the Walk on Water Track. Along the way your guide will explain the history and cultural significance of different sites, including the Bora Ring.


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School Excursions

A great way to spend a day learning about local history and Aboriginal culture, Minjungbal Museum caters to students of all ages and abilities. Our local guides teach students about the area’s history, demonstrate artifacts, share stories about Country, and lead their discovery of our significant cultural sites.

Minjungbal Museum and Cultural Centre Facilities

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