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Minjungbal Museum and Cultural Centre

The Minjungbal Museum and Cultural Centre has something for every visitor! Exhibits will engage you with the history of the local area and Aboriginal people, while informative videos provide insight into our traditional culture. You may even catch some song or dance performances on our outdoor stage.

  • Museum exhibits and videos
  • Local area history
  • Aboriginal art
  • Cultural sites

Traditional Tools & Historical Artefacts

These traditional tools were found in the Cudgen area about 80 years ago by a local farmer. In July 2021, Graham Kent (son of the farmer) returned these to their home and people. We now proudly display these tools of our ancestors at Minjungbal Museum and Cultural Centre.

“The Six Seasons”

The newest addition to our collection, the “Six Seasons” Cultural Calendar was developed by members of the local Aboriginal community. It draws on deep cultural knowledge of seasonal markers to represent seasons throughout the year. Unlike seasons depicted in the Westernised Gregorian calendar, Aboriginal seasonal calendars are not defined by months; rather, a change in seasons is signified by rainfall and temperature alongside behaviours of local animals and plants.